Why Selective Pallet Racking System is the Best for Your Warehouse

Selective pallet racking allows one to choose any load from the pallet without pushing other pallets. Warehouse managers consider factors like product size and demand changes before selecting a racking system. Fortunately, this system seems to be in line with all the warehouse needs making it more appealing.

Why do Most Warehouse Managers like Selective Pallet Racking Systems?

  • Ideal for FIFO Inventory Management

Most staff keep a record of goods based on the time and date of storage. This system supports FIFO load storage, making it easy to retrieve goods for transportation purposes.

  • Stronger Beams

Pallet racking systems enhance safety as the beams are much stronger, enhancing stability. Mostly, the managers prefer steel beams to ensure the pallets can hold more weight.

  • Flexibility

The frame height is adjustable to help create more space to store more boxes. Similarly, one can adjust the row space to meet their needs and make more room.

  • It Features Horizontal and Diagonal Struts.

Pallet racking is relatively stable because it features multiple diagonal struts. On top of that, each side features at least two beams, ensuring the shelf is stable. Consequently, this system guarantees the safety of the products and the warehouse staff.

  • Supports Storage of Similar Items

Record keepers prefer back-to-back racking as it supports r3000 shelving of similar items. The beauty of this is that it makes it easier to maintain an inventory and access it before transportation.

  • Saves Money

Another good thing is that this racking system does not necessitate special equipment. A staff member can transport the storage boxes using a simple forklift.

  • Better Profits

Shockingly, selective pallet racks attract higher charges, especially if one has multiple goods. Additionally, this racking system supports the storage of heavy goods as the shelves are much more sturdy and damage-resistant.

selective pallet racking

Why Many People Acquire Selective Pallet Racking Components from Online Sources

  • Quality

One good thing about online vendors is that they sell high-quality components like beams. Therefore, these components end up serving them for much longer. Most professionals recommend steel components as they’re damage-resistant.

  • Good Discounts

Online platforms sell these components at discounted prices to persuade potential customers. However, one should never ignore customer reviews before placing an order.

Summing Up

A selective pallet racking system is ideal for storing heavy goods, including raw materials. The only demerit of this racking system is that it is excellent for a relatively spacious warehouse, lest box retrieval might take time.