Why IBC Spillage Bunds Are the Gift That Keeps on Giving

With the dangers of working with hazardous chemicals becoming more and more common, demand for the right safety gear skyrockets. On that note, here are 3 reasons why IBC containment bunds are a must for businesses everywhere.

Made for Safety

Chemical spills are not uncommon, even in the most well-handled facilities. Human error is a complicated and sometimes unavoidable issue that we certainly wish wasn’t. But that doesn’t really make the dangers of leaks or unintended discharges easier to swallow.

Even if you aren’t working with flammable or toxic substances, the risk of slipping or other accidents is why spills need to be handled effectively. And it’s not just the people who are handling the potentially hazardous chemicals that are at risk. If these chemicals make their way to the environment during transport or storage, they can enter the food chain and cause severe havoc.

IBC containment bunds

Fortunately, with spillage bunds, that is significantly less of a worry. These leak-proof implements are made from inert, corrosion-proof, and non-flammable plastic, which makes them the best place to keep all manner of spilled chemicals before they’re dealt with. They are easy to maintain and clean, provided that you act with caution while risking contact with the spilled chemicals.

Size Matters

IBC tanks come in a variety of sizes to satisfy different weight limits, depending on how many goods are being hauled at a time. However big they are, it’s ideal that you buy a spillage bund that is a bit bigger. If your bunded IBC has no room for letting its spills make their way into the designated space, you’ve endangered your business AND wasted your money.

Spillage bunds are available in various sizes, some of which can hold multiple containers at once. Just make sure to check the dimensions before buying them and you’re good to go.

Convenient Design

Moving heavy items is no easy job, which is why it helps to have equipment that lessens the burden where possible. Even the largest and sturdiest IBC bunds are relatively lightweight thanks to their materials and are even collapsible for better portability and compact usage.


There are few inventions that are as crucial to safety operations as they are convenient at it. By being cost-effective, easy to handle, and making the job unbelievably easier, IBC containment spillage bunds accomplish just that.

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