Types of air freight

Removal of furniture and other home essentials is quite a challenging task when you need to transport it from one area or region to another. It may require air freight to transport all the goods, items, and stuff. But the certain goods and items that require to transport vary in forms and types, and the packages of air cargo also vary in size and weight.

air freight

Doesn’t matter at all whatever the type of freight package or cargo needs are; you will surely find the most suitable type of air cargo services in the industry of shipment services via air.

The air courier industry offers people with a number of service categories to suit different types of packages and courier needs. Here we have mentioned a summary of the different services provided by air cargo shipping companies to help you decide on the best service for you.

Household goods:

It is one of the most common and most straightforward air shipping forms that fall under the household goods category. It includes all the stuff like furniture, house accessories, and those things that come under the list of everyday household goods. Depending on the delivery option a person has selected, most of the things under the household goods category do not require special handling or services, so it can be easily and speedily be handled.

Support class:

The second category is the support class that covers the transportation of all those things that needs express delivery overnight. The items in this category normally include mail letters, small items, small envelopes, and other small packages. The items that come under this category are normally light in weight and are extremely easy to handle. Plus, it normally comes in the personalised packaging of the freight company. You can easily find these companies as there are a lot of companies available in the market. FedEx and UPS are the two most common and reputable companies.

Parcel/Ground shipment:

This is the third most common category, and the items that fall under this category are heavy weighted and larger than the earlier mentioned category items. This shipment of larger and heavier items take several days, and it covers the destination from 500 to 700 miles. And the weight for the packages must be under 100 pounds. This shipment may either travel via road, air, or rail.

air freight

These are some of the major types of air freight that are commonly used. But if you want to ship much heavy and larger items, then you should go for the less than truckload category.